A modular document editor

By Martin Bálint

Has it ever occurred to you that you got confused navigating through endless menus of unused functions to find what you need? Or that you were looking for a function in your favorite document editor only to realize that it isn’t implemented yet? Maybe you even decided to code it yourself and found that your editor wasn’t expandable or its APIs were overcomplicated.


edUit is a modular document editor with which you will never have to face the issues above again. The base of the editor is simple and easy to use, but you can import additional packages from our store. Our machine learning boosted search algorithms help you to find exactly the ones you need. For example if you need to write a paper about your programming project you can search for a code highlighter package, a table and database package to access your data and a plotting package to visualize the data. The latter would probably be already recommended by our store. And of course if you wanted to you could throw anything from a painting package to a music player into the mix. If you decide to expand our store with your ideas, edUit’s convenient framework lets you get started with coding your own package with only a basic knowledge of JavaScript.


edUit also makes cooperation with others easy. You can share documents with a single link and others can quickly join and work together in real time. edUit also runs in the cloud making it accessible from any modern browser on any device. If you prefer to go offline, we also offer installable versions for all major mobile and pc platforms.

edUit advanced UI


Students often decide to take notes on paper even in the age of technology. The major reason behind this is that learning to use an advanced software way above their level for each subject to complete simple and common tasks like writing down an equation or a chemical formula isn’t worth the effort. However edUit provides simple tools for each topic on different levels. The search and suggestion algorithms also guide students towards more and more advanced packages. Therefore we are targeting the software primarily at students and schools, and plan to expand towards enterprise use later.

This focus involves developing official packages targeted at students from elementary school to college. Examples include a package to help kids learn how to draw letters, another package to build math formulas by dragging blocks together with more advanced versions where students type formulas or use LaTeX - a programming language for math expressions. Another example which shows how powerful edUit is that teachers can use these packages to create worksheets for their students and use a package to correct them and reward the students based on their result. The reward could even be a multiplayer game implemented as a package.

edUit kids UI

Currently working

  • Although under heavy debugging the base of the software is complete
  • Some packages are implemented and many more are coming in the next few weeks
  • The launch of the store is delayed by a few months as some legal documents are still in the works