Do you remember the time when we used to get around the city holding paperback tourist guides? Me neither. We are here to revolutionise the way we travel and see the world.

CityQuest offers a remarkably innovative perspective: you will be able to soak up the atmosphere of the city and have a great time as well without having to take annoying tourist guides with you.

The basic concept is quite straight-forward: the app guides you through the city via a quest, which consists of multiple questions. Each question is about a specific sight, and you have to submit the solution of the question on the spot - this is verified by your GPS location.

To make things more exciting, you and your friends have the possibility to form teams, and you can compete against each other and collect as many points as you can.

Technical background

The project was implemented with cutting-edge technology: fresh and new Ionic 2 along with Angular 2, the hottest frameworks in mobile development right now. Some advantages:

  • Cross-platform compatibility: As apps are websites at their heart, the code is written in HTML5, CSS3 and TypeScript, which can be easily compiled to every relevant mobile operating system
  • Easy UI design: App layout design has never been simpler - HTML5 and CSS3 extremely facilitated our work
  • Great resources: Ionic2 comes with really handy components which look and work amazingly.


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